Nerdy Things To Do in Los Angeles

Are you a nerd? That’s a good thing! Nerds love to learn and explore new things. I love books, science, games, and much more. And if you’re like me, then Los Angeles is a great place for you. It has lots of cool places that nerds will love.

Nerdy Things To Do in Los Angeles

In this article, I will show you the best nerdy things to do in Los Angeles. You can visit museums, go to game shops, see cool science stuff, and much more. And don’t worry if you’re not a nerd. You will still have fun doing these things.

So, let’s start our nerdy adventure in Los Angeles!

Top 8 Nerdy Things To Do in Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

What to Do: Enjoy stargazing through the public telescopes, and don’t miss the Planetarium shows.

Best Time to Visit: The best time is during their monthly public star parties, where you can view the stars and planets with the help of amateur astronomers.

Start your nerdy journey at the Griffith Observatory. This place is like a paradise for space nerds. You can look at stars, planets, and faraway galaxies through telescopes. You can also learn about the universe in the exhibits. The observatory is on a high hill, so you can also enjoy a great view of Los Angeles.

California Science Center

What to Do: Explore exhibits like Ecosystems, the World of Life, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Best Time to Visit: Weekdays are less crowded. They also host special events and exhibits throughout the year, so check their schedule.

Next, go to the California Science Center. This place is filled with fun and educational exhibits. You can learn about everything from the human body to the ecosystems of the world. One of the best things here is the Space Shuttle Endeavour. It’s a real space shuttle that went to space many times!

Last Bookstore

What to Do: Explore the maze-like stacks of books, visit the “Labyrinth Above The Last Bookstore” for rare finds, and don’t miss the tunnel made of books.

Best Time to Visit: It’s open seven days a week, but try to avoid peak hours to have a more leisurely browse.

If you love books, then you must visit The Last Bookstore. It’s the biggest used and new bookstore in California. You can find all kinds of books here. They have books about science, history, art, and much more. They also have a cool tunnel made of books that you can walk through.

Game Empire

What to Do: Browse their vast selection of board games, join a game night, or participate in a tournament.

Best Time to Visit: Weekday evenings or weekends are ideal for participating in gaming events.

For board game enthusiasts, Game Empire is a must-visit. This place is filled with board games, card games, and role-playing games. You can find classic games like Chess and Monopoly, as well as new and interesting games. They also have game nights where you can play games with other people.

The Magic Apple

What to Do: Attend a magic class, browse magic tricks, or catch a live magic show.

Best Time to Visit: They host weekly magic classes and occasional special events, so check their schedule.

If you’re into magic, then you have to visit The Magic Apple. This is a magic shop where you can find all kinds of magic tricks. The staff can also show you how to do some tricks. It’s a fun place to explore and learn about the art of magic.

Museum of Jurassic Technology

What to Do: Explore the unusual exhibits like the “Garden of Eden on Wheels” and the “Microminiatures of Harold Dalton.”

Best Time to Visit: It’s less crowded during weekdays. Remember, it’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a strange and wonderful place. It’s filled with weird and interesting exhibits. You can find things like tiny sculptures that are as small as the eye of a needle. It’s a place that will make you wonder and question what you know.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

What to Do: Take a guided tour to see mission control and the spacecraft assembly area.

Best Time to Visit: Tours need to be booked well in advance, and the annual open house event offers a more in-depth experience.

If you’re interested in space exploration, then you should take a tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This is the place where NASA builds and controls its robots that explore other planets. The tour is very interesting and you can learn a lot about space exploration.

Neon Museum

What to Do: Take a guided tour to learn about the history of neon signs and the role they played in LA’s culture.

Best Time to Visit: The signs are most impressive at dusk and in the evening, so aim for a late afternoon or early evening visit.

The Neon Museum is a cool place where you can see old neon signs. These signs are like pieces of art. They tell the story of Los Angeles and its history. The museum is small but it’s filled with beautiful and interesting signs.