About Geek Travelling

Welcome to Geek-Travelling, where the worlds of geek culture and travel collide! Our unique travel blog is designed for adventure-seeking, digital nomads, and gaming enthusiasts who want to explore the world in their own way. Founded by lifelong friends and self-proclaimed geeks, Dinesh and Kein, Geek-Travelling brings you the best of both worlds – exceptional travel tips and experiences, all through a geeky lens.

Our Founders

With a shared passion for travel and geek culture, Dinesh and Kein have spent over 10 years exploring the globe and documenting their adventures. Dinesh, a digital nomad, and Kein, a gaming aficionado, combine their unique perspectives and experiences to create compelling and relatable content for their fellow geeks.

Dinesh’s expertise in remote work has led her to discover the best destinations for digital nomads in Europe, while Kein’s love for gaming has given him an insider’s view of the coolest gaming spots and communities around the world. Together, their extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm have shaped the very core of Geek Travelling.

Geek Travel Tips and Ideas

Our blog features diverse content, including the best European destinations for American ex-pats, the cheapest places for remote workers, and unique gaming experiences like the “eat and play” video game restaurants around the world. Explore Seattle through a geek lens, or dive into our list of top digital nomad destinations in Europe and other places.

Target Audience and Gains

Geek-Traveling targets adventure seekers, digital nomads, and gaming enthusiasts who yearn for a fresh perspective on travel. Our readers can expect a wealth of knowledge on how to make their journeys more comfortable, affordable, and, most importantly, fun. From finding the perfect co-working space to uncovering hidden gaming gems, our blog is your go-to source for everything geeky and travel-related.

Our Motivation

We started Geek-Travelling to create a space where like-minded geeks could connect and share their experiences while discovering exciting new travel opportunities. Overcoming the challenges of balancing work, play, and travel, they realized the need for a resource that catered to their unique interests and lifestyle.

Engagement and Collaboration

We’re committed to engaging with our audience and building a community that thrives on shared experiences and interests. Through social media, live streams, and reader meet-ups, we’re dedicated to fostering connections and sparking conversations.

Geek-Traveling is also proud to collaborate with fellow bloggers and influencers in the travel and geek communities. By working together, we strive to provide diverse perspectives and expand our collective knowledge on all things geeky and travel-related.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to explore the world, one geeky adventure at a time! Welcome to Geek Travelling – your ultimate travel companion for the geek in all of us.